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Die Brücke Art Jam

“Die Brücke Art Jam” takes place in September during Berlin Art Week and features two Berlin-based artists who I invite to exhibit their work on large outdoor billboards on the Duncker bridge for 10 days. There is a vernissage to kick things off, with live music, catering, and wine.

With the Art Jam, I am taking visual space in the public realm back from commerce and instead opening it up to artistic expression. It is an intervention that has nothing to do with advertising, sale, or profit. It doesn’t demand that the viewer interact with the economic sector at all because it manifests solely as a visual experience.

The Art Jam philosophy is that the installation has no sponsors, no logos, no brands, and no text. This extends to the vernissage as well: during the event, all food, drink, and music is free of charge to visitors. The goal is the total decommodification of public space, with no ulterior motive. Die Brücke Art Jam is a form of culture jamming, an invitation to reengage as citizens with urban space through visual art and a sense of community.

2020 feat. Dahahm Choi and Monilola Olayemi Ilupeju

2019 feat. Michael Danner and Sergey Tabunov