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On Kunming, on Freespaces

Since my return from Kunming in September of 2013 I have been busy documenting and archiving the results of my onsite research (in text and image form) as well as developing them into a growing body of work tentatively titled “Not a Dinner Party.” My exploration of urban villages in Kunming and the rapid changes they are undergoing has itself been subject to powerful outside influences. In my case they are not only positive but also productive – as an almost polar opposite of the “creative destruction” occurring on a massive scale in most Chinese cities – and deeply indebted to the writings and conceptual architecture of the late Lebbeus Woods.

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Kunming Free Spaces

I’m currently on a one month artist residency in Kunming, China, examining the effects of the most rapidly urbanizing country in the world. Follow my research via this tumblr I set up to document it:

Kunming Free Spaces

Kunming Free Spaces

Nail House

A Chinese term referring to a building that sticks out and is difficult to remove. The owners refuse to move out. Developers continue to build around the building until the matter is settled. This can take days, weeks, or even years. The nail house stands in silent protest.

Is this, as Camus writes, a beacon to the world’s oppressed, “Je me révolte, donc nous sommes”?

Or is it a selfish impediment to progress and a disturbance of social harmony?

Nail House in Kunming, China

(photo source: http://news.shm.com.cn/2010-10/29/content_3251743.htm)

Arch and Tunnel

What happens when an idea gets abandoned half-way through?

Making something vs. theorizing about it. Sometimes it’s better to just make.

Out from the dark

Change of domain hosting and server caused the site to be offline for a month or so. Just crawling back into the light now…

Die Stühle

Dec 2011 @ KHB-Weissensee, Concordia Bldg.


Rebirth / awakening

The site has been up and down too much over the last half-year or so as I’ve been updating and revamping. Activity has become especially frenetic and erratic over the last couple of weeks, but I think I’m getting closer to the look I want.

Bear with me just a little bit longer please, and bear witness to the birth of a new galaxy of wonder and surprise.

– photo from the Hubble space telescope

Coming up: Altars

Solo exhibition coming up this February at Cafe Absinthe and Banco Illy concurrently (and linked thematically).

August 2010 group show at CASO

Exhibition at the wonderfully cavernous CASO gallery in Osaka.

It was a chance to exhibit all three paintings in the In Nomine Dei triptych together for the first time.

Photos by Guido and Kaori, featuring perfomances by Salads in Space and Yangjah.

July 2010 show at Banco

Two works up.  One of the Relics and a new painting, In Nomine Dei – The Incredulity of St. Thomas.


Art/Performance event at Cafe Absinthe on April 17th called Headspace (also the name of a new gallery in Saidaiji, Nara).  I’ll be showing a large LED-enhanced circuit board etched onto perspex.

Press (sort of)

Online promo for Cafe Absinthe, with photos featuring my paintings in the background (Urban Scrawl – December 2009).

Urban Scrawl 2010 at Banco

There are some new Urban Scrawls up at Banco.  5 in total, on show until the end of February.  Come down to Ame-Mura and check them out over a cup of Osaka’s best coffee!

Transnational Art 2010 is on!

Check it out this week.  There are some great artists participating.


“Historically, a Black Madonna or Black Virgin is an iconic painting of Mary, usually from the medieval period in Europe, in which she is depicted with dark skin.  In this specific sense, Black Madonna does not refer to African representations; the dark coloration is generally attributed to the dark nature of the wood used or darkening over time by candle soot.

“Black Madonna” is the next installment (following “The Deposition”) in a series titled “In Nomine Dei” investigating the idolization of anachronistic religious iconography, symbology, script, and language in the contemporary world.  Inspired by Caravaggio, who in his day dared to depict holy figures as common folk (using “real” people – paupers, beggars, and prostitutes, most commonly – as his models, rather than idealizing), Krzysztof depicts the contemporary equivalent, using images of “real” people in “real” situations, taken from media sources, as models to depict holy figures and scenes from Judeo-Christian religious mythology otherwise depicted idealistically.”

Art Transnational 2010

Transnational Art 2010 is coming up soon!  January 25th to 30th at the Osaka Contemporary Art Centre.

This is a major event.  The last one (2009) was featured in the Asahi Shimbun.

Check out the blog!  (mostly Japanese, some English)

Deus Ex Machina – Opening

A few photos from the exhibition in September at Elixir.

Special thanks to Guido and Kaori!

Deus Ex Machina at Elixir