Thin Line Sky

Urban village in Kunming, China. “Thin Line Sky” refers to the structures built so close to one another that the sky overhead is but a thin line. / Acrylic on canvas / 70 x 100cm

Kunming Free Spaces

Sketching a conceptual approach to architecture derived from the conditions brought about by the willful destruction of urban villages in Kunming, China.

Kunming Free Spaces – Regeneration

Sketching a conceptual approach to architecture derived from the conditions brought about by the willful destruction of urban villages in Kunming, China.

Portrait of a Village (Photography)

Windows in Hong Jia Ying village, Kunming, China

Nail house studies

Series of sketched studies of nail houses in China

Masterausstellung in der Kunsthalle

Group exhibition of graduating students in the KHB Kunsthalle, Berlin

Tunnel Series

Moabit, Berlin

Cellar, In Memoriam

Works in various media while guest at Zentrum fur Kunst und Urbanistik (ZKU) in Berlin

Pothole Refill

Layman's guide to street repair (Berlin)


Blockage (with body, multiplied)

KHB Scaffolding

Repurposing scaffolding for badminton, gymnastics, sculpture, and recontextualized seminar seating structures. In collaboration with Zhou Xiaopeng.

Group shows (exhibitions)

Selection of photos from various group exhibitions in Osaka.

Kami Dana (exhibition)

Exhibition held at Absinthe and Banco concurrently. Mixed media, variable size.

Kami Dana

Kami Dana, meaning "God Shelf" in Japanese.


Exhibition of Japanese hand fans at Unipon2kau2, Osaka

Urban Scrawl at Absinthe and Banco

Solo exhibitions held consecutively at Absinthe and Banco in Osaka (2009)

Urban Scrawl

Works in various media focusing on the inner city urban fabric of Osaka, Japan

Shanghai City

Portraits of Shanghai. Acrylic, gouache, Japanese brush pen on canvas.

Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina solo exhibition at Elixir, Osaka


Acrylic, gouache and Japanese brush pen on canvas

Graphite / Fossil

Two works: "Graphite" - pencil on Japanese scroll. "Fossil" - carving in stone

Open Studio at CERO (exhibition)

Open studio at Artist Space CERO, Osaka

UI Atelier (exhibition)

Solo show at UI Atelier, Osaka (2009)

In Nomine Dei – The Incredulity of St. Thomas

Solo show in Banco, Osaka

In Nomine Dei

Series based on themes derived from Western religious imagery and iconography

Paradise is in the Shadow of Swords

No Gods Before Me

Installation in mixed media with audio at CERO, Osaka


Installation at Soho Gallery, Osaka, Japan (2008)

Transnational Art 2009, 2010, 2011

Three years of participation in the annual group show Transnational Art curated by Celio Baretto from SOHO Gallery in Osaka.

Introibo ad Altare Dei (installation)

Installation with audio at CERO, Osaka, 2008

Introibo ad Altare Dei

Charcoal and gouache on canvas, 3m x 1.5m

Photo selection

Selected photos

Portrait of Japanese Architecture

Portrait of 20th century European Architecture

Gouache and brush pen on paper and canvas

Exhibition: Portrait of Early 21st Century Japanese Architecture

Exhibition: Portrait of Early 20th Century European Architecture

Held at Absinthe, Osaka

Recent Works (exhbition)

"Recent Works" solo show at Absinthe, Osaka (2004)

Osaka Nudes

Figurative drawings of nudes done while in Osaka (2003-2011)

War Series

Series of drawings, paintings, and silkscreens dealing with war imagery.

Japanese Train Sketches

Sketches done in trains during residence in Kansai, Japan (2002-2010)

Italian Sketchbooks

Selected sketchbook pages from residence in Rome (2000-2002)


Sketches recording motion and movement.